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Our Frequently Asked Questions are organized into the following two categories: General, and Alcohol Server Training.

General Questions

What are the system requirements for this site?

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  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10. Macintosh OS X v10.x, Linux
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Why can’t I view the courses on my mobile device?

Our courses are built in Flash. Unfortunately, Flash applications are not viewable on mobile devices. You are able to register on your mobile device, but you will need to login using a desktop computer with Flash installed in order to view any of our courses.

How long does it take to complete the process?

To complete the Alcohol Server Training Course should take about three hours.

Alcohol Server Training

What is the process for getting an Alcohol Server Permit?

Where can I get a Service Permit Application?

Why do I need to answer the security questions?

The OLCC requires you to answer three security questions, which we’ll use throughout the Alcohol Server Education Course to verify your identity.

How long is my Alcohol Server Permit valid?

Your server permit is valid for five years. You may renew by taking the ORLA training then going to the OLCC website to take the test, submit your application and pay all applicable fees.

How long is my Alcohol Server Education (ASE) course good for?

If you take and pass the ASE course, it is good for two years. You can apply for a permit any time within those two years.

If you submit an application to OLCC first, the application is only good for 45 days. You must take and pass the course within those 45 days.

Remember, even if you take and pass the ASE course, you may not sell or serve alcohol without a valid service permit from the OLCC, or a valid temporary permit.

How do I renew my alcohol server permit?

You must renew your service permit every five years. To renew, take the alcohol server training course. Upon completion to go to OLCC’s test portal to s.  If you’ve taken an Alcohol Server Education course within the past seven (7) years, you are eligible to take the shorter renewal course.

I took the Alcohol Server (Initial or Renewal) Course online, but OLCC doesn’t have a record of the exam.

Please contact Sue Smith for assistance.