Updated: 08/03/2021

Food Service 1

Oregon law requires food to be readily available only in businesses that serve hard liquor. Businesses with Full On-Premises Sales licenses (F License) must have food available at all times and in all areas where alcoholis served.

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Prohibited Drink Promotion 1

No licensee or permittee will give any alcohol to be given as a prize, premium, or consideration for any lottery, contest, game of chance or skill, or any competition of any kind on the licensed premises. The law provides exceptions for charitable, nonprofit, religious, and fraternal organizations under certain conditions.

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OLCC Regulatory Employees

The OLCC normally examines premises when they are open to the public OLCC officials may inspect a business after hours only when they have reason to believe a violation of liquor laws is occurring. Licensees and permittees: must not refuse to promptly admit an OLCC regulatory employee or a police officer when the officials identify

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Marcy’s Immediate Vicinity 1

Licensees and permittees are responsible for customer disturbance in the immediate vicinity of the business if the disturbances are related to the sale or service of alcohol. The immediate vicinity usually goes beyond the parking lot and may be as much as two or more blocks away from the establishment in some cases. Disturbances are

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Orderly Premises 3

Licensees & Server Education Marcy reassured them both. She tells them they just need a bouncer at the bar and a well-trained staff so they know what to do. Amy asked her if she knows any ‘heavies’. Marcy laughed and asked Amy where she learned about heavies? Amy proudly retorted “I watch movies”. And they

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Orderly Premises 2

Licensees & Server Education Amy thought for a moment and then asked Marcy what’s considered noisy behavior. Marcy said any violations of state and local noise pollution standards and Callie quickly added that anything that interferes with normal living or business activities. Amy said she had no idea as bar owners they would be responsible

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